In July 2011, Schuyler Peterson Toy Drive joined forces with Boxes Of Love to
get contributors to help donate much needed supplies and toys to place in
small boxes and deliver them to the children in need in Joplin, Missouri.  This
has been my biggest project so far.  It was an amazing experience.
When we arrived in Joplin, Missouri, I was saddened by the devastation that
was left behind.  Being in Joplin was a life changing experience for me.  
Our first stop was to the Boys and Girls Club in Joplin.  We handed out kool aid
cups with kool aid from Nebraska along with the boxes.
Our next stop was to Children's Haven, which provides a safe
and secure home-like environment for children
We went to the high school where a Trauma unit was set up.  
They had a large bulletin board set up with pictures and
stories of families who were lost, or still missing.  
The last thing we did was go to the Ronald McDonald House
that serves NICU families. We left boxes for the babies..
The skills that I have acquired by doing this project will help me in
the future as I serve others in need.