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A non-profit organization.
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I started my Schuyler Peterson Toy
Drive foundation in memory of my
best friend who lost her battle to
cancer when she was eight years
old.  Schuyler taught me important
lessons of being a best friend and
that I should always appreciate all
that is given to me because it can
all be gone in the blink of an eye.  I
want to remember her in a way that
was not only important to her, but
that will help others.   I believe that
by keeping her name alive I can not
only give toys to children in need
but I can educate people on
childhood cancer and the
importance of early detection.  I
invite you to visit my site and hope
you enjoy it.

Hi, my name is Tabitha Staehr and I am nineteen years old and
a Junior in high school.  I have been born and raised in Lincoln,
Nebraska and love the Midwestern way of life.  I started dancing
and cheering when I was two years old and I spent eleven years
competing in both.   I am an honor roll student who enjoys
spending time with friends and family.  During my free time I love
performing in the theater and competing in natural pageants.   I
still dance as that is my first love but due to my heavy schedule I
no longer compete.  My true passion is giving back to my
community.  I have received the Presidential Volunteer award for
both 2011 and 2012,  the Prudential Spirit of Excellence award
for 2014, received a volunteer award for my work with the
Joshua Collingsworth Memoial foundation in teaching chidren
the importance of water safety and have been honored by We
Day in which I had the opportunity to attend We Day Seattle In
Washington in 2013.